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Become a Service Provider - Basic Info


Vendor Vetting Procedures for Contractors

Screening criteria for selecting vetted vendors:

  • Vendor can supply references from 3 satisfied customers who agree to be interviewed
  • Vendor has current required California and San Clemente business and other licenses and provides a copy of these
  • California State does not have adverse information about the vendor
  • Vendor is bonded and provides documentation
  • Vendor carries insurance as required by California and provides a copy of insurance coverage
  • Does criminal background checks on employees

Other criteria:

    • Vendor has experience serving older people
    • Vendor is culturally-sensitive and LGBT friendly
    • Vendor has environmentally-friendly policies or procedures
    • Employee turnover rate is low
    • Vendor expresses a philosophy consistent with that of San Clemente Village

Slight preference will be given to vendors whose offices are located within the village service area

How the vetting process is initiated:

  • Existing members recommend a vendor with whom they have had a good experience whom they believe will “vet out” (i.e., has insurance, is bonded, etc.)
  • A vendor hears about San Clemente Village and self-initiates the vetting process
  • A vendor vetting work group member or staff member identifies the types of vendors needed and invites vendors in that category to apply to become a vetted vendor


Conducting the vetting process:

    • Potential vendors fill out our vendor questionnaire on our website. 
    • The submission is acknowledged
    • Members of the work group review the submission and check references and any other relevant information (vendor website, Yelp reviews, Angie’s list reviews, etc.)
    • If the vendor meets all screening criteria and the three references are positive, an in-person interview is scheduled (the interview team will consist of two people—members and/or staff)
    • If not, the vendor will receive an email thanking them for their interest and giving the reasons why we will not be proceeding with further vetting 
    • The interview is conducted by a team of two members. After the interview, the interview team makes a recommendation to the vendor vetting work group
    • The work group reviews all relevant information to determine whether the vendor is acceptable
    • The vendor is notified they have been selected or that they have not been selected
    • If not selected, the vendor will receive a phone call or email thanking them for their interest and explaining why we will not be proceeding



  • Every vendor must sign a confidentiality form stating that they are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary, privileged, or otherwise non-public personal information about members.
  • Once a vendor has been vetted and added to our list of vetted vendors, assuming satisfactory performance, San Clemente staff will check annually to confirm rates and insurance coverage and determine whether any complaints have been filed at the state level.

 Members may also recommend vendors who would not be vetted but would be listed. These are vendors for whom we take no responsibility except to make our members aware that another member has used them and had a good experience.


If you are a contractor, and wish to provide services to San Clemente Village, fill out the following information.

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